Pam Stroud

Pam_strip_webProduction Crew and Designer

Pam Stroud has been with Grandmother’s Buttons for nine years and worn many hats, beginning as a sales associate in our store, graduating to jewelry production and then to helping with design. She creates homeworker kits for our more complicated designs, and also works on basic production in the studio. Pam is our resident“button geek”. She often has her nose in the Big Book of Buttons, and is our go-to person when we want to know which Greek myth or Aesop’s Fable a certain button represents. She also designs and creates the popular one-of-a-kind antique buckle necklaces and bracelets we bring to shows and sell in our store.

Pam is a native of rural Pointe Coupee Parish, across the Mississippi River from St. Francisville. She has been married for 36 years to Randal and has two sons: Evan, who lives in Portland, OR, and John, who attends ITI in Baton Rouge.