Melissa Roark

Melissa_strip_webProduction Supervisor

Melissa Roark is both our oldest and youngest GB wholesale employee: oldest because she was worked with us for more than 20 years and youngest as in not as old as the rest of us! She came to GB right out of school, back in the days when we wrote invoices out by hand and didn’t even own a computer. Melissa started out sorting and gluing buttons and is now our production manager, managing the flow of hundreds of styles of findings, beads, chain and buttons through our production process.

The only thing Melissa works harder at than her job is raising her two boys, Dylan and Jacob, now in middle school and high school. She and her husband Lance can usually be found at the baseball field, church or deer hunting with their boys. A St. Francisville native with many family members nearby, she enjoys the warmth and support of family life in our small town.