Donny Davis

Donny_strip_webCo-Owner and Business Manager

Donny Davis has without question the most difficult job at Grandmother’s Buttons—he is the only man on staff! This means that although he is a co-owner with Susan, he by default ends up with every problem involving our physical plant (a 115 year-old building) and computer system. And did we mention he’s in charge of all finances? How did an intelligent man with a master’s in wildlife biology get himself into such a situation?

After graduating with his master’s from LSU, Donny worked for six years with Coastal Environments in Baton Rouge, where he contributed to the original studies that identified the shocking amount of land Louisiana was loosing each year to coastal erosion. He wrote papers on species degradation and freshwater diversion remedies to land loss. But then he and Susan developed a yearning to move to the country and become farmers, which he did for three years, growing elephant garlic and vegetables. It speaks to the difficulty of being a small farmer in modern America that the couple soon found it much easier to support their family on her growing button jewelry business than farming.

By working near home in the button business, Donny and Susan both were able to participate in all of the school-age activities of their two children, Anna and Ben, from soccer and swim team practice to theater and scouts. Today, with Anna and Ben both grown and in New Orleans, he and Susan are happy empty nesters!