Deena Trisler

Deena_strip_webShipping Manager

Deena Trisler is the only native New Orleanian on our staff, growing up in nearby LaPlace. She has been with Grandmother’s Buttons for 10 years now, and has enjoying working so near to the local schools attended by all three of her boys. Only the youngest, Brady, is still at home, but Bo and Cody are not far away, in college in nearby Hammond and Baton Rouge. All three boys are/have been avid baseball players, and consequently Deena spends most of her non-working hours at the baseball field (and loves every minute of it!).

Deena is our shipping manager and, with her great attention to detail, keeps our shipping mistakes to an absolute minimum. She also shares customer service duties with Kristy Small. Perhaps it’s because she’s trained as a nurse that she loves helping our customers, but we think it’s just her sunny and caring nature.