True Love’s Perfume Button Necklace -SOLD OUT


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It’s taken us a whole year to gather enough of these floral perfume buttons to be able to create this special Valentine’s necklace! Made between 1860-1890, these brass and velvet buttons would be dabbed by Victorian women with their favorite scent. (Victorian ladies rarely applied perfume to the skin, as we do, but rather anointed their handkerchiefs, gloves, and buttons.) Button lore has it that a 19th century lady would often send her husband or beau off to war with a perfume button sewn under his collar. Far from home, in terrifying and dangerous circumstances, the familiar scent of his beloved would bring the soldier comfort and courage.

Each necklace will feature a button with this floral pattern; the color of the velvet will vary as shown in the group of buttons, though most will be the darker black or brown colors.



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