Shades of Carnelian SOLD OUT



Among the greatest treasures we produce are these detailed, multi-button bracelets designed by Corda Walker, who has been on our jewelry production/design staff for 25 years! You can tell that Corda is an artist on paper and canvas as well, because these bracelets are like painting with buttons! Here she has created a collection of carnelian-toned enamel and glass buttons.

From the linked chain end:

  • Tiny antique brass and glass waistcoat button, circa 1860
  • Vintage West German carnelian glass stone
  • Antique “steel cup” button with layers of steel, brass, and cut steel
  • Antique square glass button, circa 1920
  • Tiny, lovely French matte champlevé enamel in carnelian and brown tones
  • 1930s Czechoslovakian carnelian glass engraved jewelry stone
  • Antique brass and glass waistcoat button, circa 1870
  • Vintage striped glass button, made in Western Germany in the 1950s
  • Tiny French champlevé enamel
  • Antique basse taille enamel cuff button, circa 1920
  • Nine brass filigree stampings, pressed today in the USA in antique dies
  • Bracelet length is 7.25 inches, extending to 8.25 inches




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