Perfume and Roses SOLD OUT


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This sumptuous collection of rose-tinted antique buttons features two red velvet perfume buttons! From the lobster claw:

  • Antique brass filigree button with crystal center, ca 1900
  • Antique floral perfume button with red velvet, ca 1880-90.
  • Vintage pearl with brass bird, ca 1950.
  • Porcelain stud with hand-painted roses, ca 1910.
  • Vintage carved oval mother-of-pearl button, ca 1920.
  • Antique brass and red velvet perfume button, ca 1880-90.
  • Pink tinted Victorian white metal button, ca 1880-90.
  • Brass and glass cane waistcoat button, ca 1860 (hanging from chain).
  • Seven brass stampings made today in the USA from antique dies.
  • Bracelet is adjustable from 6 3/4 inches to 8 1/4 inches.


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