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Cluaran in Silver SOLD OUT


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Cluaran in Gaelic means thistle. In our hunt for thistle buttons, we uncovered dozens made with brass, a handful made with pewter, but only three made with jet glass. All three of these button types adorn this necklace. In this design they’re paired with a jet glass buckle button which was a symbol of fiedelity in Victorian times, and a silver-plated thistle uniform button.

As this piece is a limited edition, you’ll receive the exact buttons you see in the image (while they last).

In this piece:

  • Three antique jet glass thistle buttons with silver luster, circa 1880-90
  • One jet glass buckle button with silver luster, circa 1880-90 
  • One vintage thistle uniform button
  • Silver-plated brass filigree bead chain
  • Length is 16” with 4” extender


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