Cameo and Coquille SOLD OUT


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We chose three of the most unique perfume button shapes for this bracelet: a brown velvet shell, brass cameo, and brown velvet bellflower. From the lobster claw:

  • Simple brass perfume button with brown velvet circle, ca 1880-90.
  • First of three vintage mother-of-pearl square buttons (ca 1950) set with tiny gilded brass cut steel buttons (ca 1880-90).
  • Brass perfume button with brown velvet and cutout of a bellflower, ca 1880-90.
  • Brass cameo head set in the tan velvet of a perfume button, ca 1880-90.
  • Especially lovely perfume button with a delicate cutout of a shell, backed with brown velvet, ca 1880-90.
  • Tiny brass and celluloid button, ca 1880-90 (at end of chain).
  • Seven scalloped brass stampings made today in the USA from vintage dies.
  • Bracelet is adjustable from 6 3/4 inches to 8 1/4 inches.


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