Baker’s Dozen of Diminutive Buttons-SOLD OUT!



A dozen plus one tiny antique buttons comprise this one-of-a-kind bracelet!

From the chain end:

  • Smallest ever glass and brass waistcoat button, circa 1900
  • Art Nouveau French champlevé enamel with blue and aqua paisley, circa 1890
  • 1920s vintage green Czechoslovakian glass button
  • Tiny cut steel button, circa 1890
  • Lovely little French champlevé enamel button with a hand-painted rose and a matte finish, circa 1880
  • 1890s brass openwork with cut steel center
  • Another tiny 1890s cut steel
  • Lovely French champlevé enamel in gilded brass with emaux peints roses and forget-me-nots, circa 1880
  • Brass and green glass waistcoat button, circa 1860
  • Small patterned brass, circa 1910
  • 1890s cut steel
  • Splatter-finish French enamel circa 1910
  • Bracelet length 7 inches, adjustable to 8 inches



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