Birds and Flowers-SOLD OUT



We’ve worked this stunning collection of Victorian buttons, many enamel, into one of the most beautiful charm necklaces we’ve ever created! Elements, from the lobster claw end:

  • Tiny antique jet glass buckle, circa 1890
  • Jet enamel, spindle-shaped button with emaux peints flowers, circa 1880
  • Rare French emaux peints button with bird and flowers, surrounded by cut steel, circa 1870
  • Papier mache’ button set with abalone flowers, circa 1880
  • Rare large oval emaux peints French button with flowers and butterfly, set with cut steel, circa 1880
  • Unusual oval Art Nouveau brass button with cut steel accents, circa 1890
  • Antique jet glass button with brass bird
  • French champleve’ enamel ornament, circa 1890
  • Oval Victorian brass stamping
  • Necklace is 18 inches long, extending to 22 inches




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