Perfume Button Romance


As we enter the season of romance, we are highlighting the ever so romantic perfume button. Made with a bit of colored velvet fabric topped with a pierced, ornate brass overlay, these lovely little buttons were perfect for Victorian women to dab with their favorite scent. 19th century women rarely applied perfumes to the skin, as we do today. Instead, they would put a drop of their favorite scent onto handkerchiefs, gloves, and, eventually, perfume buttons.

The perfume button held a special place in American 19th century romance. Very popular during the Civil War, women would send their husbands or beaus off to war with one of their perfume buttons sewn to his uniform collar or pocket. Far from home, in terrifying and dangerous circumstances, he could always feel her presence through the familiar fragrance of her perfume. A reminder of the love waiting for him back home and a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

This February we’ve designed a limited edition necklace featuring our rare perfume buttons! There are only a few of these available, so act quickly! Check it out below: