Meet the Temples


A piece of Grandmother’s Buttons jewelry is more than a trend, it’s a story. The story of a long-ago gowns, fastened with dozens of glittering buttons. The story of mothers and grandmothers, passing the family button box down for generations.

Your story, as you choose your own button jewelry to enjoy and hand down.

While planning this 32nd collection of jewelry, we wondered how we could bring these stories to life. We decided to use a real family of women as models, women whose lives have been closely intertwined with ours for generations in our small Louisiana town.

Dot Temple taught our owner, Susan, math in the 1960s, and was Susan’s daughter Anna’s elementary school principal in the 1990s. She has been an enormous influence, not only on her own children and grandchildren, but on thousands of children in St. Francisville. She possesses the kind of dignity and grace that can silence an auditorium full of squirming children with just a few words.

Dot Temple

Dot Temple

Walking in her mother’s footsteps, Dot’s daughter Abby is our current high school principal. She is one of the dedicated professionals who made our school district number one in the state in 2017 End of Course exams.

Abbey Temple

Abbey Cochran


Dot’s granddaughters Catherine and Elizabeth are in still in school. Katherine is a sophomore at LSU and Katherine attends our local high school. Their future plans include medical school and law school, respectively. They affectionately call their grandmother “Dottie.”

Catherine McKinney

Catherine McKinney

Elizabeth McKinney

Elizabeth McKinney

This photo shoot was one of our most successful shoots yet. Their obvious love for each other expresses the kind of close relationships between generations of women that we seek to honor. We actually see buttons as tiny and evocative symbols of those connections and transforming them into button jewelry creates a family heirloom.



The Temple women together (left to right):

Elizabeth, Abbey, Dot, Catherine, Amanda (Catherine and Elizabeth’s mother and our local graphic designer) Dot’s oldest daughter, Amy, and her daughter Mary Quinn weren’t present.