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Droughtlander is over!


    We’re elated to deliver our Scottish thistle themed jewelry collection just as many ofyou are enjoying the recently released fifth season of Outlander. These gorgeous limited edition pieces celebrate... Read More ⇒

The Romance of Perfume Buttons


Few 19th century buttons convey the aura of romance as do perfume buttons. Victorian women rarely dabbed perfume on their skin (some saw this practice as mildly scandalous), and instead... Read More ⇒

Antique Buckles


Like buttons, buckles provide another small window into the fabulous and ornate clothing worn by our ancestors. If a button can be thought of as a “crowded little canvas portraying... Read More ⇒

Creepy Creatures Limited Editions


Almost all first-time button collectors are bewildered by the number of buttons they find which picture spiders, snakes, flies, and other insects. It’s hard for the modern mind to reconcile... Read More ⇒

Exquisite Enamels


Rare is the button collector who is not seduced by the beauty of enamel buttons! Displaying vivid colors and painstaking craftsmanship, they are the crown jewels of many collections. The... Read More ⇒

Behind the scenes at our 2019 catalog shoot!


Wanting our 22nd annual color catalog to be our most beautiful yet, we chose our town’s newly and sumptuously restored St. Francisville Inn as our location. Built in 1878 in... Read More ⇒

Antique Moon & Star Buttons


The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon inspired us to gather the many 19th century buttons and buckles we had with images of the moon. We... Read More ⇒

Victorian Dragon Buttons


Mythical and mystical, dragons have been the subject of human legend in almost all cultures, from ancient Babylon and Greece to early Norse mythology. Today, dragons are once again front... Read More ⇒

Perfume Button Romance


As we enter the season of romance, we are highlighting the ever so romantic perfume button. Made with a bit of colored velvet fabric topped with a pierced, ornate brass... Read More ⇒

Indulge Your Inner Flapper


Indulge Your Inner Flapper: 1920s Art Deco Glass We are always excited and amazed when we discover a cache of genuine 1920s Art Deco glass jewels in our searches! As... Read More ⇒

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