On the Road


For us, it’s all about the buttons. Not just any buttons: actual 100-year-old buttons that we collect and lovingly set into jewelry. And not just any jewelry: one-of-a-kind pieces of great style and panache designed and crafted in our south Louisiana studio. Trendy jewelry is like the fast food of fashion, and we emphatically are not fast food. We are like the meal lovingly prepared with the freshest local ingredients. The loving creation is done by a group of talented women who are also our friends and neighbors, while the ingredients are antique and sourced from all over the world.

Grandmother’s Buttons appeals to the woman confident in her unique sense of style, one who loves jewelry that has meaning beyond the newest trend or most expensive designer price tag. A woman who is intrigued by imagining what lives these buttons lived, and on what gowns, a century or more ago.

We hope you enjoy our website and will take time to visit the pages about our store and button museum. We encourage you to visit one of the 600 independent retailers that carry our jewelry, or to shop with us online or at our flagship store in Louisiana.

And for fun, you can follow our hashtags on social media: #honorthebutton #thebuttonsarealigning #buttonologist.