Corda Walker

Corda_strip_webProduction Crew and Designer

Corda Walker has been with Grandmother’s Buttons as a jewelry maker since 1994! Her talent and creativity have brought so much to Grandmother’s Buttons. In addition to jewelry production, Corda has also assisted in desiging jewelry for local organizations and fundraisers along with special pieces for our annual catalog. Corda has been to New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago Gift Markets, as well as the National Button Convention held in New Hampshire.

Corda is originally from West Virginia and has been happily married for more than three decades. She has two daughters, Maygan and Amanda. Maygan is a graphic designer in Lafayette, LA (she designed Grandmother’s Buttons new logo!) and has two adorable children, Walker and Harper. Amanda is a professional artist living in St. Francisville, and is just beginning her family with the birth of a daughter.

“I look forward to going to work every morning, My co-workers are like my family and I feel so blessed to be with them every day. I could never see myself anywhere but here.” said Corda when asked about her years at Grandmother’s Buttons.